Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cinnamon Spells

(written 2003 / revised 2007 and 2010)
(Cinnamomum zeylanicum and Cinnamomum cassia)
Element: fire
Deity: Apollo
Animal: lion
Body part: heart
Tarot: The Sun
Cinnamon is the bark from a lauraceous tree. While the tree is said to be of the moon, the spice is of the sun and has long been hailed as a preserver of life.
Cinnamon was not only used as a medicine and ritual incense but it may have been used for mummification, to make the body smell sweet.[3]
Practitioners of natural medicine describe cinnamon as boosting immunity and tripling "insulin's ability to metabolize blood sugar."[4] Taoist practitioners used it to purify the body. It is also used as an astringent and antiseptic which is why many mouthwashes are cinnamon flavoured.
Magickally, cinnamon is used in love spells, for promoting psychic awareness, and in money spells. Mixed with myrrh, it is used as incense for rituals involving the summoning of spirits.
Love Drawing Pouch
This pouch is used to draw love towards you. While this spell could easily be adapted to draw a specific person to you, it is written so as to draw an unnamed person possessing the traits you desire.
Items needed:
Red pouch
Copper Penny
Cinnamon sticks, broken into bits (you will need approx. a spoonful)
Red votive candle
Dish to burn candle on
Pin or bent paperclip for writing on candle
When to perform: To draw the love of a man, perform on a sunny day when the sun is still rising in the sky (before noon). To draw the love of a woman, perform at night during the waxing moon.
First, set up your working space. You can use flowers associated with love, anything heart-shaped, copper trinkets, etc. For small spells such as this, I use thin red tape (red is the color of love as well as energy) and tape the shape of the five-pointed star upon the white counter-top. In the centre of the star, the belly, is where I put my candle and whatever else is directly involved in the spell.
When your space is set up, take the red votive and, using a pin or bent paperclip, begin writing on the candle what you are seeking. Be as precise as possible and list attributes of your potential mate (honesty, good sense of humor, etc.). By doing this you are focusing on what you intend to draw towards you and instilling this into the candle.
Set the candle down in the center of your workspace and on top of the copper (metal of Venus) penny. Use a dish to burn the candle on, if necessary.
Light the candle while, at the same time, feeling a burst of love and need in your chest and gut.
While the candle is burning, it is sending out your intentions. During this time, break off about a spoonful of cinnamon. Use a small handsaw if necessary, but be very careful. If you are unable to get a hold of a cinnamon stick, you can use ground cinnamon and sew a spoonful of it into a small pouch. This is messy and not recommended but sometimes you need to make do with what you have at hand.
Place the cinnamon bits into the small red pouch.
As the candle burns and melt, take some of the run-off wax and form it into a small heart. Place this inside the pouch.
When the candle has finished burning, remove the penny from under the candle and place it inside the pouch.
Clean up your workspace.
Either place your love drawing pouch inside your undies drawer (no socks allowed unless you want your love to stink) or wear it/keep it on your person.
Cinnamon Money Spell
For a quick cash fix, you'll need:
tape-green (money), red (energy), or masking tape with crayon
green votive candle
ground cinnamon
This is what worked for me when I needed the money to get my two pixies news mattresses and box springs and I couldn't wait around for a scheduled check to arrive.
First, tape down a five-pointed star on a clean, flat working surface. If you don't have red or green tape you can use white for all-purpose or color masking tape with a crayon.
On the green votive candle, write the amount of money that you need and what you need it for. Use a pin or bent paperclip.
Set the candle in the centre, belly, of the five-pointed star.
Next, place a small pinch of cinnamon on each of the five corners of the star.
Light the candle while visualizing yourself with the item you need the money for. If you need the money for a bill, visualize yourself holding a piece of paper saying "Bill Paid."
Allow the candle to burn down completely.
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